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leave your leaves up to us

For the second consecutive year, we have teamed up with another local company for fall cleanups this season.  We anticipate being extremely efficient, using some of the best equipment around;  making sure we do a great job in a short amount of time.  Our goals are to keep your bill down and your property looking great.  We will only be doing hourly based jobs this season.  After the past 3 seasons, we have determined it is the fairest way for us and the customer.   We offer 2 service options this year as well as a new program we are trying that allows the customer to set their max budget and we do the best job we can within the time that budget dictates.  We have a lot of very powerful blowers ready to move leaves.  We will be utilizing a vacuum system connected to a very large dump trailer when the leaves need to be hauled off.  Our pricing is based on efficient quality work.  Repeat business is how we stay in business, so we strive to give each customer the best value available and create long term clients by being honest, fair and hard working.

 2021 Fall Cleanup Sign Up 
Which type of cleanup would you like?
Are we hauling away the leaves or blowing them into the woods on your property (where applicable)?
 Pricelock Program 

One of the necessary evils of living in Northern Michigan is cleaning up leaves in the fall.  While a good, thorough cleanup is going to result in a healthier lawn, we do realize that not everyone is so particular and may not be able to afford or want to pay for a complete cleanup.  For these situations, we are offering a price lock program where the customer tells us their max budget and we do as good of a job as we can in the amount of time the budget dictates.  Our goal on these jobs is to get the bulk of the leaves picked up as fast as possible, then going back and fine tuning areas if the time/budget permits.

Thanks for your business!

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