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Job Application - Mowing Team Member (Seasonal, 40 hrs/week)
Requirements: A Lawn Team Member is expected to be punctual, professional and a dedicated team member.   You will take direction from a Crew Leader, often working in teams of 2.  The position requires being able to be on your feet and outside for a full day at a time.  You will be primarily running a string trimmer, edger  and backpack blower, and occasionally mowing as well.  You will be properly trained before using equipment, so experience is not necessary, but helpful.  You need to be able to lift 50lbs.  You may also be responsible for assisting with spring clean ups, fall clean ups, and other outdoor services we provide. 

Seasonal Duration and Schedule:  With weather always being a variable, its hard to pinpoint an exact start and stop time for the season.  Lawn Maintenance usually starts mid to late April and extends through mid to late November.  Depending on the weather, this can change in either direction.  We do have available hours during the winter months as well, but nothing full time.  On a daily basis, our typical starting time is 8am but can move depending on weather and other circumstances.  Our goal is to work hard during the week and avoid being in peoples yards on the weekends when they are enjoying their property.  This also benefits us, because it means we get to enjoy the weekend as well.

Wages: Position starts at $10.50 - $12/hr based on experience.  Quarterly raises up to $0.50/hr.  Position caps out at $14/hr + 25% time/quality bonuses.  When you reach that point, you will be qualified for a Crew Leader position with a pay range of $15-$18/hr + 50% time/quality bonuses. 
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