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Say goodbye to outdated systems and welcome a new era of smart irrigation with Netro. After working many hours with both brands, we have transitioned from Rain Bird control units to Netro units for several reasons - it's a leap into efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.


Key Features and Benefits


Upgrading Your Sprinkler System with Green Lawns Matter & Netro

  • Weather Adaptive Technology:

    • Netro Spark's intelligent watering schedule adapts to weather conditions, ensuring your lawn and/or garden receives the perfect amount of water, conserving resources and keeping your plants thriving.

  • Remote Control and Accessibility:

    • As a company committed to efficiency, upgrading to Netro has transformed the way we operate.

    • Benefit for Customers: Experience hassle-free service as we save your system to our company profile. No need for entry into your house or garage for maintenance. We can control everything remotely, saving you time and ensuring swift repairs.

  • Water Savings and Management:

    • Join us in our commitment to water conservation and planet-friendly practices.

    • Environmental Impact: Netro units not only save water but contribute to a healthier planet. Reduce your carbon footprint with intelligent water management.

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving for Both Clients and Service Providers:

    • Netro's advanced features are designed with your convenience in mind.

    • Benefit for Us: By transitioning to Netro, we enhance our service efficiency. Remote access means less walking and more time focused on prompt repairs during service calls.  And we can test everything without needing anyone around or entry to the house - we can control your system from our tablet. 

  • Seamless Integration with Leading Smart Home Ecosystems:

    • Enjoy a connected home with compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year limited hardware warranty.

Upgrade to Netro and not only experience the future of smart watering but also be a part of a sustainable, eco-conscious movement. Make your garden smarter, save water, and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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