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Our Services

We offer a variety of outdoor services and a wide array of payment options - making our service affordable on nearly any budget.  With an education from Penn State University in Turfgrass Management, 15 years of Golf Course maintenance, and over 10 years of residential lawn care experience, we are sure we can exceed your expectation on every job. 

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and on call lawn care services.  Our 2 main goals are to keep your property looking great and to do it in a reliable, scheduled manner.  Our service includes mowing, string trimming, and blowing clippings away from concrete, asphalt, and walkways.  We also monitor each property for disease, weeds, wet or dry spots, and other common turf problems.

Coming in 2022 we are beginning to offer fertilizer services as well as weed and disease control.   We are excited to start these services, as we know we can offer a great value on achieving a  great healthy lawn. 

Spring and Fall cleanups are very important steps in maintaining a healthy lawn.  Our Spring Cleanup includes removing all winterfall debris.  Our Fall Cleanup includes leaf removal and a mow to keep things healthy come spring. 

Snow plowing is currently only available in the Kaleva, Brethren and Bear Lake areas.  If we get a few more requests, we will likely be expanding our territory by adding snow blowing.

Coming in 2022 we are beginning to offer Landscape and Garden Maintenance Care programs.  Each program includes an initial cleanup, then 2 wk, 4 wk or 6 wk follow up visits.  Due to the somewhat unpredictable time needed from property to property, all work is billed hourly, but rough estimates can be provided. 

We can design and install a great underground irrigation system for your needs.  We typically install Rainbird products, but we have access to a large variety of brand names available.  We focus on creating the most efficient system to meet the property needs, saving you money on the front end as well as conserving water short and long term, having a healthy, green lawn for years to come.

We can fine tune your irrigation system to get the optimal lawn on the leanest water budget.  We provide start-ups, blow-outs, maintenance, design and installation.  Ask us how we can help your small home garden!

Whether it be for a landscaped bed, a garden or an entire lawn, we offer irrigation design services.  This package includes checking the gpm and psi of the water source and a layout based upon specifications and customer/property needs.  The customer receives a blueprint of their system, a customized parts list, in person consultation before install, phone consultation during the install, and an in person walkthrough upon the customers completion, before activation. 

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