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🌿 Elevate Your Lawn with Green Lawns Matter Mowing Services! 🌿


At Green Lawns Matter, we don't just mow lawns; we cultivate vibrant green spaces that make your property stand out in every season. Our meticulous mowing routine is designed to cater to the unique needs of your lawn, ensuring it looks its absolute best throughout the year.


Why Choose Our Mowing Services?

  1. Seasonal Expertise: Our experienced team understands the importance of mowing your lawn to a seasonally appropriate height. We tailor our mowing routine to the specific needs of your grass, promoting healthier growth and a more resilient lawn.

  2. Precision with Well-Maintained Equipment: We take pride in using top-of-the-line, well-maintained mowing equipment. Our blades are sharp, our mowers are efficient, and our team is trained to deliver precision in every pass. The result? A clean, professional finish that transforms your lawn.

  3. Shared/Split E&ST Charge for Seamless Logistics: It costs a lot of money to haul around equipment and staff.  That's why we include an Equipment & Service Transportation (E&ST) Charge in every service. This fee covers the cost of logistics, ensuring that our equipment and service techs arrive at your property in top condition, ready to service your lawn.  We split these costs amongst customers where we service multiple properties from 1 stop, so let your neighbor know about us and save everyone some money!

  4. Customizable Services: While our standard mowing service covers the basics, we understand that every lawn and budget is unique. String trimming and edging are not included in our base package but are available as additional services.  When you bundle mowing with string trimming you'll save 15% on the service.  Customize your service to meet the specific needs of not only your lawn, but your budget as well. 

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Attention to Detail: We don't just mow; we pay attention to the details that make a difference. From consistent mowing patterns to trimming around obstacles, our team ensures that every inch of your lawn is treated with care.

  2. Reliability and Consistency: With Green Lawns Matter, you can count on a reliable and consistent mowing schedule. Say goodbye to unpredictable service – we are committed to keeping your lawn looking its best, week after week.

  3. Expert Recommendations: Our team of lawn care experts is always ready to provide insights and recommendations. Whether it's adjusting mowing heights or suggesting additional services for optimal lawn health, we're here to support your green oasis.


Elevate your lawn care experience with Green Lawns Matter – where precision meets passion. Let us turn your lawn into a masterpiece, one meticulous mow at a time. Contact us today to schedule your personalized mowing service and discover the joy of a well-tended lawn! 🌳

As a product of MSU's Turfgrass Management Program,  Eli has an education and attention to detail comparable to a certified Golf Course Superintendent.  He's (almost) always smiling and you will be too when you see what he can do for your property!

Lawn Care Operations Manager



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