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🌿 Elevate Your Lawn with Green Lawns Matter Mowing Services! 🌿

Transform your outdoor space with our expert hardscaping installations. We provide personalized estimates for the following services:

Patios: Create an inviting outdoor living space with our patio installations. Each project is tailored to your preferences and the unique characteristics of your property.

Retaining Walls: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your landscape with our custom retaining walls. Our expert team ensures durable and visually appealing installations.

Planting Beds: Beautify your surroundings with thoughtfully designed planting beds. We consider your plant preferences, sunlight, and soil conditions to create vibrant and sustainable landscaping.

Tree Rings: Define and protect your trees with our professionally crafted tree rings. This functional and visually appealing feature adds a polished look to your landscape.

Flagstone: Elevate the elegance of your outdoor spaces with our flagstone installations. Our skilled team ensures precise placement and a seamless integration with your existing landscape.

Mulch/Stone Installation - Enhance and Protect Your Landscape

Our mulch and stone installation services are designed to add the finishing touch to your landscape. Customized estimates for each service are as follows:

  • Mulch Installation: Starting at $75 per yard, plus product cost and delivery. We meticulously measure the area and provide a detailed estimate to ensure your landscape gets the perfect coverage.

  • Stone Installation: Starting at $125 per yard, plus product cost and delivery. Our expert team assesses the area, calculates the necessary materials, and delivers an estimate for a durable and visually appealing stone installation.

Weed Management - A Pristine Landscape Awaits

Say goodbye to unwanted weeds with our comprehensive weed management services. Available as a one-time service or a seasonal package, our offerings include:

  • Hand-Pulling/Mechanical Removal: We meticulously hand-pull and dispose of weeds in your garden beds. Our team also performs "dead-heading," properly removing injured stems, leaves, or flowers.

  • Separate Shaping Service: Shaping plantings is available as a separate service, ensuring your landscape looks its best.

  • Pricing: The first service of the season is billed as an initial cleanup.  These vary tremendously based upon the condition and size of the beds.   After the initial cleanup, we schedule Biweekly or monthly visits at a flat rate to keep your landscape pristine throughout the season.

Trust Green Lawns Matter for tailored hardscaping installations, precise mulch/stone applications, and effective weed management. Contact us for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards transforming your landscape.🌳

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