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💦 Everything you need for your sprinkler system
💰 Save 16.67% by bundling these 3 essential services
🚨 Covers up to 6 zones. Additional zones are


You'll receive:
🔛 1 Sprinkler System Start Up
🔎 1 Sprinkler System Inspection

🛏️ 1 Sprinkler System Winterization
📊 2 Customized reports on your system
🎁 Waived Service Call Fee on repair work

🔧 10% off Service Labor on repair work
🤯 10% discount if you pay for the year up front

Annual Sprinkler System Maintenance Plan

Recent Posts

Meet Our Team Ready To Serve Your Property


Our goal as a company is to improve every day.  When we make mistakes, we learn from them.  Our goal isn't simply to be better than the competition, but to be the best we can be.



Lawn Care Operations Manager

As a product of MSU's Turfgrass Management Program,  Eli has an education and attention to detail comparable to a certified Golf Course Superintendent.  He's (almost) always smiling and you will be too when you see what he can do for your property!



Sprinkler & Hardscape Operations Manager

Dylan has proven to be a great asset with a wide range of skills and knowledge.  He is very meticulous with his work and his training - so rest assured he and his team members are performing unmatched top notch work they take pride in and you'll be proud of!

Woman Working in Greenhouse


Garden Teams/ Nursery Manager

Enjoy being outside and aren't afraid of a little bit of hard work or dirt?  We're hiring someone onto our Gardens Team, where you'll be primarily responsible for keeping landscaping beds clean and caring for our propagated boxwoods and arborvitae crops.



Future Office Manager

Mardelle has been 'ready to help' since we started GLM in 2016 and we are now passed the point its needed.  She has an extensive background in Customer Service.  She's beginning to set up policies and procedures to get on track and keep things running smooth on the office side.


General Manager

As a former Golf Course Superintendent with an education in Turfgrass Management from Penn State,  Jeff oversees all aspects of Green Lawns Matter.  As the company continues to grow, Jeff is enjoying having a staff that he can trust while he fills any gaps and helps them where needed. 

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