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Specializing in lawn care and irrigation

Our goal is to be the best lawn care company in the Manistee and Benzie County Area.  To achieve our goal, in 2022 we are taking extra focus on providing top notch reliability and quality at an affordable price. 

Thanks for visiting our site.  Since you're here, try out our link to a free quote. Our free quotes do not obligate you to make a purchase, so lets see what it would cost.

Green Lawns Matter LLC started in 2016.  Our primary focus as a company is to get better at what we do every single day.  For the first several years, we offered a long list of services, mainly to fill up a schedule.  After a couple years of mowing, our customer base grew dramatically from word of mouth referrals.   We've done some really good things over the last few years, and we've dropped the ball a handful of times as well.  As things continue to grow, we continue to try to learn and get better every day.   A rapid growing customer base mixed with the extra influence of the pandemic we've had the last couple years, has forced us to really looked at what we have going on as a company.  Our goals for 2022 are to improve reliability and provide higher quality service.  For 2021,  we didn't do too bad, but definitely are going to improve in 2022.  We have a plan put in place to catch up after bad weather, and have budgeted for more shop hours to keep equipment running better and more reliable.   We're also opening up more hours for billing and customer communications.  I have been mainly out working on lawns, irrigation installations and landscape jobs where I have not been good about answering my phone.  We have a few really good employees on payroll now that do a great job carrying out the day to day mowing.   With them taking some of the mowing time away from me, its going to allow me to spend more desperately needed time to attend to office work and better communicating with customers.   We have also narrowed the long list of services we previously offered down to mowing services, fertilizer and treatments (2022), irrigation installation and repair, leaf cleanups and snow plowing.  These are the services we excel at, so we are going to focus solely on them and not get spread too thin.  We are really looking forward to a good finish for 2021 and a great 2022.  We've got a great customer base and can't thank them enough for their support and patience throughout the abnormal struggles we've all faced over the last couple seasons. 

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