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Lawn Mowing Pricing - Trial and Seasonal Rates

We are trying to keep our pricing as simple and fair as possible.  How much time we need to spend at your property is the primary factor in how low of rate we can offer on a professional and reliable mowing service.   Our process is straight forward.   Contact us for a free estimate.  We'll measure your property with aerial imagery and "onX Hunt" land ownership mapping to create a trial estimate that you will be able to accept online.  When we see that  you have approved the trial estimate, we schedule the service accordingly to an existing route.  When we perform the trial service, we record the time needed to properly service the property and take many characteristics of your lawn into consideration before providing a quote for the season.  We bill the trial service the day of service and provide the seasonal quote 1 day after the trial service.  After service, if your trial service rate exceeds your seasonal rate, we will discount the difference on your first seasonal invoice.

Why are we pricing lawns like this?

This is our best opportunity to offer you our lowest rate and still run a good business that you can count on year after year.  If you have someone give you an estimate without servicing the property, they are most likely going to bid it a little higher than where they need to be, because the last thing they want is to have to take care of it for less than their operating costs - essentially losing money each time they service your property.  Since the goal is to make money, most reliable companies will bid each job with a cushion.  Our goal, and the purpose of this pricing plan, is to allow us to offer you the absolute best price by eliminating that cushion, while still hitting our needed marks. 

This gives us the ability to confidently understand what we need to charge to cover our costs, and since we want you as a customer, we keep our pricing as low as we can to earn your business.  

Trial Service Rates by Lot Size

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